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Star Trek Phone Live Wallpaper

Sfondi animati
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Ever wonder what it will be like to use the LCARS console from Star Trek? With the Star Trek Phone Live Wallpaper you can. This wallpaper is specifically designed to look and feel great on android phones.With 32 Buttons to customize, you can put all of your favorite apps on your home screen while staying true to the LCARS style. If you have a Widget that you love, you can always remove a group of the customizable buttons and fill their space. Long press on button to go directly to their settings.
Even though the live wallpaper was designed for phones in portrait mode, it still looks great on smaller sized tablets (like the Nexus 7) when they are used in portrait mode.
Advanced Notes:
***If your device has more than 5 homescreens, when you swipe between them, there will be some cut off in the middle of the live wallpaper. You can fix this by changing the number of homescreens under the advanced section of the apps settings to however many homescreens your device has
***This live wallpaper needs scrolling to be enabled on your device to work best. So if your device does not support scrolling you can enable "Manual Scrolling" under the advance section of the apps settings. This is mostly important if your device in part of the Samsung Galaxy family.
If you have any questions/comments/suggestions for this app, please feel free to email at